6. Motor Leg

The limb is placed in the appropriate position: hold the leg at 30 degrees (always tested supine). Drift is scored if the leg falls before 5 seconds. The aphasic patient is encouraged using urgency in the voice and pantomime, but not noxious stimulation. Each limb is tested in turn, beginning with the non-paretic leg. Only in the case of amputation or joint fusion at the hip, the examiner should record the score as untestable (UN), and clearly write the explanation for this choice.
0 = No drift. Leg holds 30 degrees for full 5 seconds.
1 = Drift; leg falls by the end of the 5-second period, but does not hit bed.
2 = Some effort against gravity; leg falls to bed by 5 seconds, but has some effort against gravity.
3 = No effort against gravity; leg falls to bed immediately.
4 = No movement.
UN = Amputation or joint fusion, explain.